Citadel Enterprises is a group of companies active in the industrial and technical sector.

Technology and industry, a solid foundation

Technology and industry are the two pillars on which Citadel Enterprises B.V. rest, together they form a solid foundation.

Citadel Enterprises B.V. has a broad spectrum of products and services. The Group supplies and produces technical machines, parts, service and complete tooling systems.


Lasaulec is a successful technical wholesaler in consumables and tools (MRO articles). Lasaulec is specialized in delivery and advice of personal protective equipment.


Stertil Group develops, designs and produces the unique Stertil-Koni vehicle lifts and Stertil Dock products. Stertil Group provides services such as ​​garage equipment.


Stedall Vehicle Components is one of the longest active suppliers of vehicle components in the United Kingdom. For over 250 years Stedall has been active in supplying parts for vehicles.

Pearl Paint Group

PearlPaint Group develops, produces and supplies liquid and malleable brand products for repair, protection, maintenance and cleaning. All products have been developed for specific applications in the living and working environment, construction and industry.